What is Nekophilia?

Nekophilia is a kittenish comic font for cat lovers :)
It unites the handwritten characters of Melanie ^-^ Kuhl and the emojis of Philipp <3 Böckmann.

Nekophilia may be used free of charge for non-commercial and private projects. Licenses for commercial usage are available as well (please see "License" for further information).

You can download Nekophilia 👉 HERE 👈.

How can I use Nekophilia?

There are two different variants available on the download page.

Nekophilia has been tested successfully on modern Windows and Linux systems u.u Usage on Mac and iOS systems should be possible as well.
In case you are totally unfamiliar with installing fonts from the internet, you can follow this step-by-step guide for Windows 10:

How to install Nekophilia on Windows 10

  1. Choose your preferred variant of Nekophilia and download it here.

  2. Open the downloaded ZIP file with a double left mouseclick.Decompressing a ZIP file on Windows 10

  3. After that, click on "Extract all".

  4. Next, choose a location to unzip the archives contents to and then click "Extract". Decompressing a ZIP file on Windows 10

  5. Among the extracted files (and the font files Nekophilia.otf and Nekophilia.woff2) you will find text files containing the license information (in German an English). By using the font you agree to the terms of this license so please read it to avoid unlicensed commercial use.

  6. Double-click the file "Nekophilia.otf" using the left mouse button.View of the unpacked files

  7. Click on "Install".Font installation dialog of Windows 10

  8. After finishing the font installation you have to restart any program (if still running) which is to use the freshly installed font, for Nekophilia to show up in the relevant choice boxes.