Nekophilia is available in two variants: one with ligatures for the automatic replacement of certain character strings with emojis and one without that feature. You can read more about it here.

We recommend the variant without ligatures for general use.

Variant without emoji ligatures

This variant does contain all the emojis of Nekophilia but comes without the feature of replacing certain character strings automatically with emoji symbols. Using this variant you can type the character string :D without it being converted to the emoji :D automatically.

» Download Nekophilia 1.21 without emoji ligatures «

Variant with emoji ligatures

This variant of Nekophilia comes with the feature of replacing certain character strings with emoji symbols. A list of all character strings and their emojis can be found here. When using this variant you can for example type the character string :D and it will automatically be replaced with the emoji :D

» Download Nekophilia 1.21 with emoji ligatures «