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Rules for commenting

If you you want to want to comment a blog post you have to consent to abide by these rules. If you break them your comment will be deleted.

Rules for commenting

No spamming: Comments are not meant for needlessly wasting storage space.

No scamming: Hyperlinks are generally not a problem although they must not lead to websites with harmful contents.

No agitating: Everything that might break German law is being deleted no questions asked. Furthermore I don't like these things:

  • racism

  • sexism

  • homo-/transphobia

So writing comments containing these have a high chance of being deleted as well.

No trolling: Comments which are solely meant to provoke drastic reactions are being deleted as well.

No advertising: As already mentioned, links are generally not a problem. There are limits, though. As soon as money and a financial motiviation come into play, I will take a closer look.

No porn: "The internet is for porn!"... this website is not, though.